Watching the video and hearing the statics on HIV/AIDS in Africa and Miami leaves questions in my mind.

(Below is a promo mini clip of the documentary)

There are many theories about how HIV/AIDS started some will contest that it came from a chimpanzee, polio vaccine, or a government conspiracy, but the government contests that,  “The earliest known case of infection with HIV-1 in a human was detected in a blood sample collected in 1959 from a man in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (How he became infected is not known.) Genetic analysis of this blood sample suggested that HIV-1 may have stemmed from a single virus in the late 1940s or early 1950s” ( The fact of the matter is, it really doesn’t matter where it came from but that it’s here. The video takes you into our own back yard right here in Miami, FL and explores the statics between Miami and Africa, the video refreshes the publics minds on a virus that doesn’t seem to make the media spotlight to often. It confuses me how in a day an age like today that with the knowledge that we have that people in general would not be smarter about their choices, their partners and the precautions that one “HAS TO TAKE” in order to secure one’s health.  The video sheds light into what seems to be a very dark world. To date there in no cure for the virus, it confuses me that people can be relaxed and have either unprotected sexual relations or use dirty needles, one can also contact the virus by infected blood reaching a cut or mucous membrane; or blood transfusions. HIV/AIDS is something that our”generation” needs through research and learned knowledge to get a better grasp on this virus. People need to use protection and take the apporiate steps to prevent the spread of this disease.

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