Can One Really Do Nothing?

Can one really do nothing??? In the mist of doing nothing, are you really doing nothing. Over the last hundred years are so we have developed into a society that in most locations of the world seem to be on a 24 hour vibe. After the development of the light bulb it opened the doorways to allow us to stay up late and start to change the cycle that we had been use to for so long. As I sat for my 30 minutes of reflection or my doing nothing period I found myself bored….as my mind started to race about things I needed to get done I found myself restless and antsy.  The 30 minutes felt like an hour, was it really that hard to do nothing? Then I started thinking maybe it was the time of day that I was taking this “do nothing moment” that made me feel this way. Taking this rest in the middle of the day should have seemed relaxing but with my brain in full “get it done action” it seemed like a bad choice of timing, but at the same time if I did it later in the evening I might just have fallen asleep. Is it really that hard to get people who are always active and on the go to slow down even if it is for a little while in the day. This is my challenge to you maybe in the sense that we already have established patterns this above assignment seems hard to accomplish, for those of you who found it as hard as I did to focus on nothing try doing it for a week straight, the same time everyday for 20/30 minutes and journal it see if it becomes easier for you to allow your mind to relax towards the end of the week and let me know. In NYC they have even opened a Nap Egg location in the city for people to be able to rest during the day…kinda cool huh.


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