Grammar….oh boy =/

It seems kinda funny huh…something that we use everyday…..something that we have been taught since grade school can be so hard to learn or so easy to forget. I can’t imagine why a word that only contains two syllables and 7 measly letters is soooo hard for so many! I think that we live in an age of convenience where it is making it harder and harder for the future generations to learn the basic skills such as arithmetic and grammar, if we miss spell something, spell check lets us know and or automatically fixes it for us, if there is a grammar error the whole line becomes underlined and flags the writer that the sentence is an improper sentence. So the question I that I have is…..should schools, jobs and any other position that needs grammar go back to the old school way of teaching students so they will learn or should the places ad-hear to the times and allow the writes to use the resources that they have. Me personally I have to say I find fault with these programs, I find myself relying on them to fix or find my mistakes, I do how ever take the time to go back and look at why it is either highlighted or underlined and I also pay attention to the solution so I know the correct way for the future but how many people take the time and go back vs just clicking the fix now button. Grammar isn’t something that you can run from it’s going to follow you your whole life….I mean unless your going to stop reading and or writing anytime soon. If grammar is something that scares you just face it head on, a lot of school and programs offer classes and workshops to help people along their grammar path ❤


To Melt or not to Melt that is thy question?

When I hear the term melting pot the first thing that I think of or that comes to my mind is New York City….not Miami. Born and raised a Miami native I feel like I/we get to see it all on a daily basis, South Florida/Miami is like high school its made of different clicks per say. As the demographics of area are consistently changing  thus so are we. First off if your in Miami on the Hialeah/Little Havana side then your considered in little Cuba, if you in over town then your in the ghetto, if you in Ft Lauderdale in Wilton Manors your in a  homosexual part of town, and if you on the beach by Golden Isles then your on Millionaires Row. The areas seems to be very segregated, when I think of the term melting pot I think of everyone from all over the world in one area, respecting one another, and generally going about one’s business…..but for some reason people in Miami haven’t gotten the “Melting” part down just yet. It’s like everyone is in the pot but instead of melting there all just bumping into one another. I think that it takes growth on the community’s side to be able to “COMPROMISE” and learn to coexist with one another, it takes time and strength to learn that we are all valuable to one another, that are uniqueness and different talents and strengths can help us learn to melt vs continue to bump into one another (literally).

Have a great time on a budget

With the new wave of social coupon-ing, are students really using coupons like groupon, living social, and couptessa to head out for a great time but on a budget?

Growth as a Student

Somewhere between singing into the program and being in class one can become overwhelmed with where to start on his or her road to success. Jasmine an amazing women seemed to know right where to focus her energy as a student on. As she spoke and continued to drop ideas and story’s she really embraced the idea of not waiting and being ready to go out there and get your story published. It seems kinda scary to think of where to start but as she explained its as easy as starting at your local community newspaper the scariness disappeared. Jasmine really opened up the perspective on how amazing it is everyday to be writing on a new story one that touches people in our community, in our nation, in our world. The way she broke down the whos, whats, whys, and hows really allowed one to see the dynamic of how you can approach a story line. I did head on over to the Beacon but they were closed but that won’t stop me I will continue to look ahead on way to get out in the community and be involved.

Can One Really Do Nothing?

Can one really do nothing??? In the mist of doing nothing, are you really doing nothing. Over the last hundred years are so we have developed into a society that in most locations of the world seem to be on a 24 hour vibe. After the development of the light bulb it opened the doorways to allow us to stay up late and start to change the cycle that we had been use to for so long. As I sat for my 30 minutes of reflection or my doing nothing period I found myself bored….as my mind started to race about things I needed to get done I found myself restless and antsy.  The 30 minutes felt like an hour, was it really that hard to do nothing? Then I started thinking maybe it was the time of day that I was taking this “do nothing moment” that made me feel this way. Taking this rest in the middle of the day should have seemed relaxing but with my brain in full “get it done action” it seemed like a bad choice of timing, but at the same time if I did it later in the evening I might just have fallen asleep. Is it really that hard to get people who are always active and on the go to slow down even if it is for a little while in the day. This is my challenge to you maybe in the sense that we already have established patterns this above assignment seems hard to accomplish, for those of you who found it as hard as I did to focus on nothing try doing it for a week straight, the same time everyday for 20/30 minutes and journal it see if it becomes easier for you to allow your mind to relax towards the end of the week and let me know. In NYC they have even opened a Nap Egg location in the city for people to be able to rest during the day…kinda cool huh.