To Melt or not to Melt that is thy question?

When I hear the term melting pot the first thing that I think of or that comes to my mind is New York City….not Miami. Born and raised a Miami native I feel like I/we get to see it all on a daily basis, South Florida/Miami is like high school its made of different clicks per say. As the demographics of area are consistently changing  thus so are we. First off if your in Miami on the Hialeah/Little Havana side then your considered in little Cuba, if you in over town then your in the ghetto, if you in Ft Lauderdale in Wilton Manors your in a  homosexual part of town, and if you on the beach by Golden Isles then your on Millionaires Row. The areas seems to be very segregated, when I think of the term melting pot I think of everyone from all over the world in one area, respecting one another, and generally going about one’s business…..but for some reason people in Miami haven’t gotten the “Melting” part down just yet. It’s like everyone is in the pot but instead of melting there all just bumping into one another. I think that it takes growth on the community’s side to be able to “COMPROMISE” and learn to coexist with one another, it takes time and strength to learn that we are all valuable to one another, that are uniqueness and different talents and strengths can help us learn to melt vs continue to bump into one another (literally).

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