Grammar….oh boy =/

It seems kinda funny huh…something that we use everyday…..something that we have been taught since grade school can be so hard to learn or so easy to forget. I can’t imagine why a word that only contains two syllables and 7 measly letters is soooo hard for so many! I think that we live in an age of convenience where it is making it harder and harder for the future generations to learn the basic skills such as arithmetic and grammar, if we miss spell something, spell check lets us know and or automatically fixes it for us, if there is a grammar error the whole line becomes underlined and flags the writer that the sentence is an improper sentence. So the question I that I have is…..should schools, jobs and any other position that needs grammar go back to the old school way of teaching students so they will learn or should the places ad-hear to the times and allow the writes to use the resources that they have. Me personally I have to say I find fault with these programs, I find myself relying on them to fix or find my mistakes, I do how ever take the time to go back and look at why it is either highlighted or underlined and I also pay attention to the solution so I know the correct way for the future but how many people take the time and go back vs just clicking the fix now button. Grammar isn’t something that you can run from it’s going to follow you your whole life….I mean unless your going to stop reading and or writing anytime soon. If grammar is something that scares you just face it head on, a lot of school and programs offer classes and workshops to help people along their grammar path ❤


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